Antwerp’s Red Light District

As soon as the question rolled out off my lips, there was instantly a divide: Of course there were biased people in the bunch since they lived in or close to either of the two. So, the final verdict? To read and know more about Bruges as well as the things that you can do, come and check out my post here: Picturesque Break in Bruges: This would absolutely make your traveling ordeal a lot more hassle-free. I really hope it helps! It helps to know since Belgium predominantly speaks [Flemish] Dutch and French. For your ease, I have included a map below showing the address and routes of the top hotspots in Ghent, followed by a listed section that briefly explains each of these places. Lined with an array of small cafes and restaurants, there is definitely something for everyone here.

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The first and thus oldest gay cafe in Antwerp. tue-sat –, sun – info and reviews. Dance. Antwerp gay Parade Kaaien The gay parade of Antwerp. info and reviews. Holiday Inn Express Antwerpen City North rooms, reviews, score 3. Leonardo Hotel Antwerpen/10(K).

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Address: Lange Beeldekensstraat 10, Antwerpen, België (Near by Antwerp Central Station) Included in the entrance price are: locker, condom, lubricant, shower, towel | .

Mede door de sterke groei en de nieuwe mogelijkheden van het internet ontstond er een ander manier van dating. In dit Nederlands-Belgische dating programma gaan vrijgezelle boeren op zoek naar een partner om hun leven mee te delen op de boerderij. Als vrijgezel kun je je eenvoudig aanmelden via de datingsite. SmartVibes verzamelt de inschrijvingen en organiseert vervolgens een ontmoetingsavond voor zeven mannen en zeven vrouwen. Voor het leggen van contact wordt gebruik gemaakt van speed dating.

Belgie heeft vijf steden waarin deze avonden worden georganiseerd, namelijk Antwerpen, Hasselt, Brugge, Leuven en Gent.

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Oslo Oslo is one of those rare European cities where nature and metropolis mesh and connect in ways that cruise passengers can enjoy without a great deal of effort. The main cruise port is situated alongside Akerhus Fortress, the medieval castle and royal residence dating back from View of Aker Brygge and the Nobel Peace Center from City Hall Radhuset City Hall , worth a visit, is only a short walk away, as is the beautiful and bustling waterfront known as Aker Brygge, with its many shops and restaurants.

You could make a full day of visiting these attractions and never lose sight of your ship.

Gay Antwerp travel guide. Antwerp gay guide. This is the Antwerp / Antwerpen holebi gay guide by Nighttours. Antwerp, the city of famous painter Rubens, has a small but lively gay scene. The city features one of the most famous gay clubs in the Benelux, Red & Blue. This club near the harbour attracts guys from all over the Benelux.

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Exploring Ghent in Belgium: A Self-Guided Walking Tour

Na zijn studententijd in Wageningen werd hij, tot op heden, een veelgevraagd fotomodel en acteur in zowel binnen- als buitenland. Hij speelde een kleine rol in de KRO -drama serie De Partizanen met onder anderen Huub Stapel , die hem tijdens de opnames adviseerde contact op te nemen met casting director Harry Klooster. Daarnaast speelde hij in een hoofdrol naast Robert de la Haye en Serge-Henri Valcke in de korte film Job van regisseur Arian Stoetzer en vertolkte hij onder meer gastrollen in series als De Hemelpaort , Nederlanders aan het werk en Goede tijden, slechte tijden.

About me. Na jaren in het buitenland te hebben gewoond met veel plezier, ben ik sinds een halfjaar weer woonachtig in Belgie. Heb altijd een erg drukke baan, groot .

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Foto Locaties in Nederland en Belgie

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Het Stadspark in Antwerpen was wat het Citadelpark is voor Gent en het Fontainasplein voor Brussel: het mekka voor homoprostitués. Jongens die mannen achter een boom, struik of in de portieken van omliggende gebouwen bevredigen. ’s Zomers uiteraard meer dan in de winter. Niet alleen is het nu geen weer voor een snelle wip in openlucht.

Only 48 hours in Antwerp? Make the most of every moment … Share: So where do you start, and how do you make the most of every moment? What do you do if you only have 48 hours in Antwerp? Day 1 Your morning mix of comics, zoo animals and diamonds Arriving at Antwerp Central Train Station , look up at the breathtaking domed ceiling, ornate clocks and grand entrance hall — this has been the first sight many visitors to the city will have seen since The stretch of shops in this quarter combines precious stones, dazzling gems and eye-catching window displays, but check opening times as stores are often closed on Saturday and open on Sunday.

From the Meir to Rubenshuis:

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Dansaert The trendy fashion area of Brussels. Opposite the Stock Exchange building, is Rue Orts. Above it, the thirteen rooms of the Hotel Orts, decorated in tasteful shades of grey and beige, are full of charm. On Rue des Chartreux, Am Sweet is an adorable tearoom that offers typical Belgian specialities, as well as chocolates from Laurent Gerbaud. Opposite, at number 17, the concept store Hunting and Collecting presents a selection of designer pieces for men, women and children, as well as accessories.

They also regularly organize theme exhibitions.

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If you are interested to carry on such a visit, you should know that there is much more to see. Once you are out of the inner center of the town, you will see that the general state of the buildings is painful. The broken window panes, the tumbledown plaster, the Art Nouveau door handles replaced by standard ones Art Nouveau apart, you should also have a romantic walk across the Vlata on Charles’ bridge, see the great astronomical clock which is unique in Europe apart the one in Strasbourg in France , the rectangle stone towers, part of the ancient city wall, with their typical steep slated roof and their 4 peaks in the angles.

On the other hand, if you enjoy Classical Music, you will soon be charmed by Prague. There is a concert in every church every day. Prague in Situation Till , Prague was part of the Austro-Hungarian empire and nowdays it is the head city of the Czech republic , but from the second half of the XIXth century, a lot of independence movements have risen.

These voices claimed not only a political autonomy but also a cultural one. Geographically, Prague was not as large of today, a lot of AN buildings that are today in Prague were in fact in other little independent towns like Smichov. The Prague of today was created in As nearly all large towns of that time in Europe, Prague grew at high speed.

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