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Summerson September 28, , But with great power comes great responsibility, and some apps choose to abuse this. Head to the Facebook app, open its settings, and turn notifications off. In those cases, you can go a more nuclear route and block that app from sending notifications altogether, thanks to a setting within Android. Give the notification shade a tug, then tap the cog icon. From here, all devices should be the same. In this list, scroll until you find the problem app, then tap on it. You can also turn notifications back on but repeating this process—you know, in case you start missing the extra attention. How to Disable Notifications in Android Marshmallow Marshmallow has more notification options, but the first part of the process is still the exact same: Again, other devices may have a different name here, like Applications.

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What goes into a notification? As a bare minimum even the most simple of notifications must contain the following: Again, you set this text either via a string resource, or by adding it to your application code. These three things are all you technically need, in order to create a fully-functioning notification. Creating your notification Like everything in Android, notifications have evolved over time.

Dec 21,  · Desktop Notifications – Don’t miss any notification on your phone or tablet. This app allows you to receive Android notifications in your d of checking notifications directly on your phone, you can check them on your desktop while surfing the web/5(K).

If you are looking for a serious relationship and the perfect partner to share your life with, then be2 is the right matchmaking service for you. Why does be2 have such a high success rate in online dating? We use a scientific approach to partnership and courtship that supports you in your search for your better half, saving you time and energy by selecting only suitable candidates. Our goal is to find our customers the love of their lives and when you join, you will see that others in the network are looking for the same kind of relationship you are.

With be2 your first step is to take our personality questionnaire and register your online profile. This portrait of your individual characteristics and preferences becomes the template by which we match you to like-minded singles. That is why our over 21 million singles are increasingly willing to post photos, safe in the knowledge they have control over who can see them and when. Once you have created your profile, be2 will send you e-mail notifications suggesting the best matches for you.

What happens next… is of course it up to you. You can send private messages to singles you find interesting. We know that using be2 is both a lot of fun and a great way to meet the right people, so why not register today and let the adventure begin! Do you have any questions for be2 or any ideas how we can get better?

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Popular gay dating app Grindr now available in the Android Market Straight app said to be in the works, too 7 Mar 34 Good news for our Android-loving gay male readers. Grindr, a popular location-based social networking application designed specifically for gay men, is now available in the Android Market. Grindr is a unique app that utilizes GPS information to enable guys to interact with and meet other guys in the area.

Users can view profiles and photos, share stats, chat using Grindr’s built-in instant messaging feature, and if all goes well — meet in person. Privacy controls allow users to share as much or as little information as they’re comfortable with.

Android’s notification system is easily one of its most powerful features. But with great power comes great responsibility, and some apps choose to abuse this. If you’re sick of constant notifications from specific apps, here’s how to completely disable them.

If you’re curious about finding that special someone, or even just looking for new people in your area to hang out with, Facebook probably isn’t going to cut it for you. That’s why OkCupid exists – to let you get in touch with people in your area based on shared interests. Unlike other dating apps, OkCupid has no restrictions. Users can search, chat and send messages from the start. It will be easiest if you fill out your profile via OkCupid’s site directly. Your OkCupid profile is constructed of a mixture of your own personal answers to a specific set of questions, as well as your responses to hundreds of questions sent by other users.

These questions are used to create a compatibility score, based how your answers, what answers you would accept from other users, and the level of importance you place on each question. From there, you’ll see a percentage next to the OkCupid username of each person whose profile you view, telling you how high of a match, friend, or enemy you are based on the way both you and that user answered the same questions.

Advertisement In addition to questions, OkCupid allows you to upload pictures of yourself and search by keyword. You can also rate users on a scale of 1 to 5 star. If the user you rated a 4 or 5 star gives you the same rating, you’ll get an automatic email knowing you two match up. You can also send private messages on OkCupid to anyone you like.

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A new report from PSafe concludes that almost a fifth of Android malware stems from adult dating scams. The other two prominent malware sources are fake giveaways and fake virus alerts. The company recently released a report on the state of Android security in the first quarter of The report in brief? Android users need to stop falling for the same old tricks.

Businesses with poor ratings can easily lose customers because of it, and with this notification leaving the written review as an afterthought, negative ratings can easily be left without any context.

Twitter Advertisement My Android device just suggested I buy a brand new Audi, displaying a full screen popup advertisement to persuade me. As someone who prefers to keep all manner of promotional materials, social networks, and malware off his phone, this came as something of a surprise. One of my apps is serving ads.

But which one is the malware? Remember Notification Area ads? The good news is that you can determine which apps With Notification Area ads which can still impact users on older devices , it is straightforward to identify the app responsible thanks to its icon appearing next to the ad in Android 4. Full screen ads, on the other hand, are a little different.

This is fair enough, as long as the ads appear in the game. But what if the ads are popping up on the home screen with no warning? Putting it plainly, this is malware, something that can take some work to trace. As the Advertising without Compromising User Experience page of the online Android app development training program states:

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Icons in the second depth are organized into groups of nine, making them easier to locate. Users can also utilize the integrated S Finder to locate what they want on their smartphone or the web straight from the Quick Panel. Notifications are now grouped to display information more clearly and also support Direct Reply. Multi Window An improved controller allows the window size to be more easily adjusted in split screen view.

Also, with a new pop-up window function that supports up to five separate windows in addition to the two in the split-screen view, users can access up to seven apps at the same time.

And that’s a wrap. Of course, in this post we’ve only covered the basics of creating and employing Android notifications.

Get talking to them directly from the app itself and you’re on you way to going out on your first Tinder date. Tinder shows you other users in a very straightforward format. In fact, its trademark simplicity is what’s made it land an anchored spot upon the Olympus of all other dating apps—if you will. After logging on, you’ll see a photo of another user. If he or she is to your liking, you just tap on their photo to get more photos and some background information.

Then, swipe right if you liked him or her, otherwise swipe left if you didn’t. With these two simple gestures — swipe left and swipe right — managing your Tinder account is a synch. Now you can filter out anyone you aren’t immediately attracted to or get in touch with people you might actually like in a seconds flat. It goes without saying that the pictures you choose to upload onto Tinder are crucial, as they will totally determine how other users perceive you—much more so than on any other apps.

Within the settings options for Tinder they’re also super simple , you select which gender and age range in which you are interested in, as well as filter out other users who you consider to be too far away.

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Would you like to sign up for the 21 day program? Sign up , or learn more. X Would you like to sign up for the 21 day program? Turn Off Email Notifications Reducing interruptions increases productivity and helps us feel in control. If it weren’t for email, I would be a much happier person.

A notification is a message that Android displays outside your app’s UI to provide the user with reminders, communication from other people, or other timely information from your app. Users can tap the notification to open your app or take an action directly from the notification.

Privacy Hider can hide apps from your launcher, recent apps list, app management in system settings. Moreover, Privacy Hider provides multiple solutions for privacy protection, enabling you to run multiple accounts at the same time with two cloned apps, hide pictures and so on. Hide the installed Apps you want to keep secret. Create a safe space to secure sensitive information of the hidden apps.

You can hide a new app by installing from Google Play. Once you exit Privacy Hider, it will turn to the calculator interface to lock again, and keep working as a calculator.