Best Wah Pedal (Cry Baby, Vox, Multi Wah, Bad Horsie)

Bias Control changes the basic characteristic of the Wah: This wah also comes with tons of options with four knobs on the input side labeled Bias, Wah-Q, Treble, and Bass. The four DIP switches and a trim pot further influence the input gain, Q, and treble response. The tone is clean, expressive and quite. The treadle action is extra fluid with a generous throw. The controls work superbly and in all fairness, you cannot get a bad sound out of this wah. Overall, this is a truly beautiful wah with impressive flexibility levels. If you want a clean gorgeous tone for your guitar, you should be considering the Xotic XW Painted a cool metallic green with black fade, the treadle is designed with a skeleton foot. The simple wah does not come with the knobs or switches common in some brands.

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Even the folks at Dunlop have shrunk their legendary Cry Baby Wah Wah to half its size! But thankfully the company has bucked the less-for-more trend with the Dunlop Cry Baby Mini, and created a pedal that packs all the wacka-wacka-wacka wallop of its standard-sized counterpart in a more travel-friendly, compact housing.

The time has come to step up your Cry Baby Wah game, to branch out and explore different tonal possibilities. We put this cheat sheet together to help you find a starting point. If you want the dark, thick, and focused sound Jimi Hendrix made famous, put this wah on your board. This wah is very expressive and throaty with just the right amount of tone and response versatility thanks to a knob on the side that allows you to lower the frequency of the toe-down position.

This is the Swiss Army Knife of wahs. With an adjustable Q, six different selectable frequency ranges, and an adjustable output boost, the Q is perfect for players who like to tweak and tailor their sound from rig to rig and song to song. Smooth, warm, and voiced like a bell. For straight up electric blues, what more could you want? This is our tribute to the very first wah pedal.

Its super throaty and super expressive thanks to its Halo Inductor. This wah is great for blues and blues rock, but it sounds just as great when used for vintage hard rock. This is actually our most versatile wah pedal, featuring six selectable frequency ranges, adjustable Q and boost, toe -down voicing trim, and stereo outs. This thing lets you sculpt your tone into downright nastiness, especially when using high-gain amps.

Q, Volume, and six EQ controls.

6 Best Wah Pedals (Reviews)

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The stock “wah” pedal has been around since at least the early 60’s. While there is a persistent rumor that an early version of a wah mechanism was found in the wreckage at the Roswell crash site, I can categorically state that the government says that this is nonsense, and that no such thing happened.

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1982: GCB95 Cry Baby Standard Wah

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Cry Baby, Cry: A Brief History Of The Wah Pedal The wah pedal, also known as the wah-wah pedal, was created by accident in the mid 60’s by an engineer by the name of Brad Plunkett. At the time he was a junior engineer for the Thomas Organ Company and was tasked with replacing an expensive circuit switch with a cheaper transistorized solid.

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