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This urban green belt tangle is mysterious as always. It is as much like a child reading a story-book. The adventure in story-land begins in earnest, once the choice of titles is selected from the bookshelf. The moment I make my intention known, to all who care that I shall be walking the great beast, Bosko, over to the Bog, my imaginative process commences to concoct and churn, in sincere hopefulness something unusual will be encountered on this latest foray. Maybe we will cross in front of a deer or two, a wild turkey, a fox or folly of grey squirrels wrestling noisily in the dead leaves. It takes only a few strides down this beaten path to glorify the unanticipated. As Bosko intently studies every scent and wind-inspired knock or creak, I am at the mercy of an unbridled fascination, where indeed it can be said the writer expects it just as likely as a deer or bear, to cross paths with a specter, troll, gnome, fairy, witch or hobgoblin…. Escaping into this storied woods, provides a wonderful hiatus from the electronic world I have been unceremoniously dumped by profession.

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She was more than familiar with the phrase. Her grandfather helped to define it. At the time, though Steinberg couldn’t yet articulate his taste and style the way he does today, he and Becket instantly connected through a mutual interest in design. Becket remembers feeling a bit anxious about seeing her boyfriend’s home for the first time. And, by the way, the house was very clean.

While it was in escrow, the Rodney King riots broke out, and with a recession in Southern California deepening, it wasn’t long before Steinberg found himself upside down on his mortgage.

Gardner, Massachusetts – Wikipedia Gardner is the birthplace of Heywood-Wakefield furniture, dating from when the five Heywood brothers began to fashion furniture in a barn near their father’s farm.

The new company rose to particular popularity in the s, 40s, and 50s with its solid wood, Art Deco-inspired mid-century modern furniture. After quickly learning just how in demand vintage HW pieces were, production began on new pieces that remained true to the style, quality, and values of the original company. Today’s Heywood-Wakefield is dedicated to preserving the legacy of the name and its famous pieces while incorporating new technology and contemporary tastes, allowing new generations to fall in love with a classic look from a classic company.

We acquire our lumber from environmentally responsible tree farms in New Hampshire, where at least one tree is planted for each one harvested. Because our current finish is lighter and more transparent than the original, we now use an even higher grade of lumber for many furniture components for the most appealing natural look. Our furniture is made of solid wood. We don’t use veneer, and particle board or plywood are only used in a very few instances for minor features, namely drawer dividers and backings for case goods.

Strength and durability are ensured by cutting individual furniture components from a single piece of hand-selected lumber and by only using the sturdiest reinforced joining methods. Today’s Amber finish is lighter than the original Wheat and Champagne finishes. It was specially designed for us to recreate the look of vintage HW furniture that has been stripped and refinished in a natural color. It is Kemvar, a newer finishing technology that provides superior protection to the older Duralac finishes.

Many of today’s pieces are still finished by hand, just as the vintage pieces were.

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Industrial at The Purple Moon Utilitarian, historical, functional, hip and chic — industrial decor offers it all! Often, industrial items are not actually re-purposed but are simply used as they were originally intended while at the same time giving your home an urban chic look. Vintage wire baskets, metal trays, antique objects and even bed springs turned art offer endless decorating opportunities.

Antique American Wicker offers the finest examples of historic American wicker including hand-made Victorian, Bar Harbor, Art Deco, and Stick Wicker dating from We specialize in Heywood Brothers and Wakefield Co. wicker furniture.

Share this article Share He added: The vote they have just had is unnecessary. They said you could have a referendum and then change things. For the first time, the Commons has supported the principle of legislation that gives the Prime Minister power to trigger Britain’s exit from the EU. The government also comfortably won the third vote – setting the timetable for the rest of the bill’s progress.

I feel a little let down. I would have remained. We are not going to have another referendum so Brexit is what it is whether you agree with it or not. We don’t want Theresa May’s Brexit we are going to go together and get it done and dusted”. Ann Graham left said Brexit voters would be ‘disappointed’ by their MP while Christine Hedley right said Ms McKinnell had lost her vote ‘She wasn’t effecting anything by voting against the article I think she should have just accepted it but fought for it to be the way we want it to be not the way Theresa May wanted it to be.

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With that in mind, what does have in store for us? Demand for city centre residential units will remain strong and new development will start in the Northern Gateway and in east Manchester, breaking previous value levels in these locations. The Mayor of Greater Manchester will secure further control over funding and more powers to intervene to support economic development, infrastructure and housing delivery.

Manchester city centre skyline frames by tower cranes Read More Manchester hotel with celebrity chef-led restaurant to open in heart of city Nationally, further devolution deals will be agreed, not least as some local authorities and regions see the benefits resulting through additional funding and control of that funding.

There will be some further funding announced for the health sector in the Budget but still below what the sector is asking for.

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I came, I saw, I conquered. Attributed to Julius Ceasar, 47 BC. Final sign off from City of Newport Beach inspector happened last Friday. I wrote the last check to the contractor. The porta-potty has been removed. For Mother’s Day this past Sunday, I had a bath in my new tub. And Albert and I slept in the master bedroom for the first time in four and a half months. Tub in the Guest Bathroom Just to give you a feel for how long a home improvement project can take, I first contacted the architect in January, It took all year to plan the addition of one bathroom, the remodel of two others and upgrades to various infrastructure items a total of about square feet added.

The last three months of the year were spent getting bids and vetting contractors , and procuring necessary plan approvals, HOA approvals and permits. Construction started on January 3, And the project officially completed today May 15, Four and a half months. The contractor promised April

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McCarthy became the Playmate of the Month for October Playboy publisher Hugh Hefner cites McCarthy’s “wholesome Catholic girl” persona as the unique quality for which she was selected out of 10, applicants. According to McCarthy, the pictorial caused an uproar in her Catholic neighborhood, and resulted in her house being pelted with eggs, her sisters being taunted at school, and McCarthy, who counted Catholic nuns among her aunts, being lectured about her future damnation by those close to her.

Her job as a host was a success, and Playboy wanted her to do more modeling. She left after the match with the victor, Diesel. In she landed a small part in the comedy The Stupids.

a kind of mortise and tenon joint that uses a wedge-shaped key to hold the joint together. Teasel (or teazle) tenon a term used for the tenon on top of a jowled or gunstock post, which is typically received by the mortise in the underside of a tie beam. A common element of the English tying joint. Top tenon the tenon that occurs on top of a post.

A century of style.. Retrieved Nov 24 from https: In the period between the two world wars, Americans held an unwavering belief that they were experiencing an age of unqualified “progress. The Paris Exposition and the Chicago World’s Fair made lasting impressions on all art disciplines, including furniture design. During this period, Heywood-Wakefield, a conservative New England furniture company founded in by five Heywood brothers, made its mark on America.

Already into its second century of existence, the Gardner, MA, firm, which initially imported chairs from the Old World by clipper ship, changed course and ventured into the untested waters of modern furniture. For exhibition at the Chicago World’s Fair, Heywood took a giant step forward by seeking out famed industrial designer Russel Wright to develop a line of modern furniture. Although this new look in furniture design was widely acclaimed, the looming Depression suppressed demand.

As the economy worsened, Heywood withdrew the line but maintained its faith in the future of modern design. In , the company introduced a new and very modern collection designed by Leo Jiranek which featured all solid wood construction – a first for Heywood-Wakefield. The wood was northern hardrock maple, and rounded corners, wood pulls and a svelte silhouette highlighted the designs. Known as Streamlined Moderne, this collection took the country by storm and made Heywood-Wakefield a household name.

Gardner, Massachusetts

My vintage obsession stems from a childhood spent antiquing with my mother, scouring estate sales and flea markets for forgotten treasures. I actually had a booth of my own for years at various local flea markets, though most of my proceeds were immediately reinvested inside the booths of the other venders. You can easily spend hours scrolling their vintage finds, all priced reasonably by individual sellers.

The site makes it easy to sell your own things as well by connecting you to other like-minded buyers. When Chairish asked me to share some of my favorites from the site, I jumped at the opportunity.

Executive Assistant, Heywood Wakefield & Place A very special thank you to all our wonderful family & friends for our surprise 25th wedding anniversary and 50th birthday party. Thank you also to the staff at the Baldwinville American Legion and the caterer that did a great job feeding us and quenching our thirst.

When will we know the winner? Theresa May and Jeremy Corbyn will be watching the clock for the first results That depends how close the result is. Officially it takes seats for an overall majority in the House of Commons – the solid measure of victory. In some years this happens in the early hours – but in it was at 1. Whatever happens, broadcasters and newspapers will “call” the election long before there’s an official winner. This is partly because some MPs Sinn Fein and Speakers don’t take their seats or get votes, so in practice the ruling party doesn’t need seats to govern.

It’s also because there may come a point where no other party can win and there are enough safe seats left on the list to make victory inevitable. Exit poll – seat prediction Here’s when broadcasters, more or less, called the result in previous years: Your full hour-by-hour guide The following declaration times are given by councils to the Press Association and are estimates only. Often they’re a long way out, but this should still help you work out the overall flow of the night.

For each time we’ve included a guide to key seats to watch out for – then bullet points with every seat in that time slot. The exit poll The exit poll was projected onto Westminster in – revealing a hung parliament Image: Getty Images As Big Ben bonged out 10pm we caught sight of the exit poll. And for the second election in a row, it was a total shock – meaning frantic rewriting of copy in newsrooms across Fleet Street to put the new picture in first edition newspapers.

Gardner, Massachusetts

To the purist, the finish in this Miami Bedroom set is darker than traditional Hey-Way colors, but faced with the prospect of stripping the chest, vanity, nightstand, and bed frame, David opted to keep the finish and make cosmetic and structural improvements. Other scratches, non-paint, came from years of use. Apply Watco Danish Oil and let it sit on the piece for minutes.

Coat a small piece of steel wool with the oil and rub lightly.

Cecile L. Harrison, 95, died Saturday, Oct. 7, , at her residence in Dunnellon. She is survived by her husband of 72 years, John Tyler Harrison III, Dunnellon.

The population was 20, at the census. History the text in this section is copied from an article in Wikipedia Named in honor of Col. Thomas Gardner , the community was first settled in and officially incorporated as a town in after receiving land grants from the surrounding towns of Ashburnham , Westminster , Templeton and Winchendon. Dating from about , it became a center for lumber and furniture industries. By it had 20 chair factories which produced 4 million chairs per year.

It was also noted for silversmithing. The Gardner State Colony for the Insane pioneered the use of cottage residences. Gardner was incorporated as a city in Gardner is the birthplace of Heywood-Wakefield furniture , dating from when the five Heywood brothers began to fashion furniture in a barn near their father’s farm. In the early years, Walter fashioned chairs by hand, also using a foot lathe.

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Here’s an hour-by-hour run down of the night. Put they kettle on, it’s going to be a long one. Who is my MP? Key broadcasters will release details of the all-important poll, giving an early indication of how the nation voted. In the past they’ve been scarily accurate. The constituency has beaten everyone else to it for the last five elections, announcing its result at

mid century modern furniture New and used furniture in Florida at classifieds. Find modern and antique tables and chairs, dressers, coffee tables and .

So this post is going to be brief ish and potentially riddled with grammatical mistakes! Meanwhile I wanted to give you an update on our bedroom and get your opinion on one VERY important thing. A blank canvas, for sure. I feel like the expectations for me is that I have a mansion, so I always annoying apologize that I have normal yet totally lovely house. Here she is before we moved in, fully renovated: We lived like this for a few months with some temporary blackout shades that we took out for this shoot because they looked WAY too depressing.

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