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Steam Profile Christen joined Valve after serving ten years at Microsoft, where she designed a variety of consumer products and platforms. Have feedback or suggestions about Steam? Send ’em her way! Tony Cox Tony started out in the games industry in at British developer Bullfrog, where he worked on a variety of titles including the PC gaming classic Dungeon Keeper. He joined the DirectX team at Microsoft in , before relocating to Redmond in During his tenure at Microsoft he led the software engineering team for Microsoft Studios publishing, contributed to Xbox platform architecture, and led the development of mobile titles including Galactic Reign and Age of Empires: He joined Valve in Scott Dalton Scott began playing and designing games at an early age on an Atari and never looked back. He came to Valve after creating games at Legend Entertainment for many years. Aside from level design and game mechanics, he delights in creating particle effects and programming the system that drives them.

Dishourned or borderlands 2?

However sometimes it won’t let you maximize the game and therefore not letting you to access the activation window. Now when you need to minimize the game to access the activation window you should not have any problems doing so. Some users may also experience a crash on startup when using multiple monitors.

Click here to submit a ticket regarding Xbox Update / Hot Fix Information A hot fix is automatically applied at the “Press Start” screen when Borderlands 2 is connected to the internet. In general, hot fixes are used to temporarily address issues between major updates.

The following Mods and Augments are now available from Teshin: Antimatter Mine — Nova Antimatter Drop Conclave Augment — Creates a fully charged stationary orb that explodes after 6s or when an enemy gets within proximity. All Warframes now have an innate 4 second immunity to being staggered or knocked down after being staggered or knocked down in Conclave.

Increased the damage of daggers and their Stances in Conclave. Reduced the damage of Guiding Light Nikana attack in Conclave. Removed staggers from all equipped melee slide attacks with the exception of Fist weapons in Conclave. Increased the damage of the Grinlok in Conclave.

Some of the best online Xbox One games for co-op and multiplayer

Combining invention and evolution, Borderlands 2 features all new characters, skills, environments, enemies, weapons and equipment, which come together in an ambitiously crafted story. Players will reveal secrets, and escalate mysteries of the Borderlands universe as they adventure across the unexplored new areas of Pandora. Eager gamers can learn more about Borderlands 2 right now by picking up the latest issue of Game Informer Magazine, which has the worldwide exclusive cover story on the title.

Readers will find many game details inside the issue, including the first reveal of one of the several new character classes being introduced in Borderlands 2.

In this video tutorial, viewers learn how to play the game, Borderlands online with Hamachi private network. Users will need to first download the Hamachi private network. Then open Control Panel, and select Network and Sharing Center. Under Tasks, click on Manage Network Connections. Click on the Advanced menu and click on Advanced Settings.

Share Copy The leveling and experience system of Borderlands 2 is similar to any other game out there. Experience is gained by killing enemies and completing quests. Difficulty of a quest can be checked by pressing [Tab] and then going into your quest log. Note that enemies level with you. Hence if you go back to an earlier area, the enemies there will be of a higher level now. While the bosses will not revive after leaving and re-entering an area, all the rest of the enemies will.

Players usually adopt farming as a means to level up and then have a better shot at a difficult boss or quest. There are a ton of side-quests in the game and some will have to found out by the players themselves. They are quick to do and will grant you more experience than from farming an area. That ultimately means tons of experience points for you; provided you decide to tag along.

Borderlands 2 will release with Steamworks

Far Cry 4 Overwatch First person shooter Overwatch blasted onto Xbox One earlier in , pitting two teams of six players against each other to achieve various goals within the map. Work together to secure and defend points on the map, or escort a payload for a period of time. It blew Battleborn out of the water, having been released very close to 2K’s similar game. Offering character skins and victory poses to unlock, it offers a great level of character customizability.

But what makes Overwatch one of the best Xbox One games?

Oct 05,  · Borderlands 2: Tips and Tricks for New Players. Updated on July 25, drspaniel. more. Remember, that Borderlands 2 has immense map sizes, and is a free-roam game. However, always make sure that you do look at the online matchmaking system Borderlands 2 has, and play with other players who are relatively close to your level. Reviews: 1.

Zer0 can apply a “Death Mark” to enemies, either by performing a melee attack on them or throwing Death Bl0ss0m kunai at them. Marked enemies take increased damage from all sources; usually you just end up finishing them off yourself with more melee attacks, though. Damn You, Muscle Memory! For those who have the habit of reloading after every fight, this can result in losing ammo when reloading a Tediore weapon, since reloading has you throw the gun at the enemy like a grenade.

Very cool, but it takes all the cartridges left in the magazine with it! It’s so bad that even the developers do it during previews. Of course, some players may throw full ones anyway for the damage bonus. Worse yet, the resulting explosion can hurt yourself. A lot, in some cases. This is less of an issue with the legendary Deliverance shotgun, unique among Tediore guns in that it homes in on enemies.

Gearbox Software comments on the performance of Borderlands 2 on Playstation 3

Now your keys are verified multiple times to be sure that they are working. Try it now and play every game you want for free! With this tool you can generate as many valid Steam keys you want for all the games on Steam servers! You have to follow these steps:

Oct 17,  · Best Answer: Borderlands 2, in every way. Dishonored is a great game, but is insignificant compared to Borderlands 2. There’s only about 10 – 15 hours game time in it, compared to Borderlands’ 30 – 50+ hours. Dishonored has some nice innovative gameplay, but just doesn’t quite pull it all off, and can fall Status: Resolved.

Reaper of Souls Via; gameinformer. Up to four players can play together on the same screen making this a must have for couch co-op play. The UI is easy to understand and everyone can get their own loot drop or trade with each other. You have the option between several character classes that all play completely differently from each other.

After beating the main story, more content is unlocked such as adventure mode and greater rifts. These modes are randomly generated which adds new ways to play and gain loot. Diablo 3’s gameplay is a fun and satisfying as you slaughter several demons with fun abilities and powers. Blizzard always provides more content for Reaper of Souls through new updates and events.

This top down dungeon RPG is a great game to play with friends, matchmaking is also available to play with strangers and continue the fun. The Handsome Collection Via: The Handsome Collection offers Borderlands 2, Borderlands:

Top 50 Best PS4 Multiplayer Games of All Time

Combat Evolved , Halo 2 , and Halo 3 The games of the main Halo trilogy were developed by Bungie , and are first-person shooters in which the player experiences most action from the protagonist’s perspective. Combat Evolved , released on November 15, Combat Evolved introduced many gameplay and plot themes common to the whole trilogy. Players battle various aliens on foot and in vehicles to complete objectives, while attempting to uncover the secrets of the eponymous Halo.

One concept introduced in Halo:

In the celebration of the Cheerful Ghost Borderlands 2 Haiku Contest finishing up tomorrow I decided to stuff a bunch of awesome Borderlands 2 news in a post for everyone.

Written by David Jagneaux on October 1, at 5: Borderlands 2 is a first-person-role-playing-shooter, for lack of a better term, that has you collecting guns, completing quests, and exploding faces in either cooperative multiplayer recommended or single player still fun. Let me make this clear, however, early on: It is very much a sequel and it essentially improves on every aspect of the first game.

You could do most of this in the first Borderlands — but the overall presentation and execution is so much more streamlined this time. But, you probably knew all of this stuff — you want to know how is this different than Borderlands 1, and most importantly, should you play it? Borderlands 2 is, right off the bat, a much more engaging experience than the first game. The game follows four characters that are once again vault hunters.

Problem with Borederlands 2 Matchmaking…

In fact, most of us love it with a face-melting, loot-whoring, damage-counting passion—though some of us aren’t quite so fanatical. But, like the pack of reviewers we are, we also know that the game isn’t perfect. Although our official review will give you a broad explanation, I’m here to talk about the one not-so-little problem that’s always bringing my Pandoran adventures down a peg.

So before you point your orange-grade shotguns at my face for even thinking badly of the awesome pack of humor and chaos that Borderlands 2 so truly is, hear me out. For you rock-dwellers out there, you should know that Borderlands 2 is one of the best co-op experiences in recent years.

“Borderlands 2” is an over-the-top romp of a game that is at its absolute over-the-top best when it’s played with other people. But playing well with others isn’t always easy.

Here were our findings: The host controls which missions are available or not. Enemy and weapon levels are based on the zone. However, those missions can be accomplished by anyone in the host’s game. Once completed, that mission is completed for all participating characters, even if they weren’t normally able to complete the mission because they hadn’t progressed that far in the game in single player yet.

All participating players receive the same XP, rewards, and mission completions for their character. In other words, if you run with someone who is further ahead in the plot then you, when you leave and go back to your own game not on the host’s co-op server , then you will see any missions completed during that time with the first host, even if you haven’t got to that point in the game yet. Then, once you get to those missions that you completed on another host’s game, since the missions are already complete for you, you can just go on to the next, uncompleted mission as normal.

As a host, the game progress is the same as if you were playing single player. The exception to all of this is for the Story Missions. You can complete them with the host, but when you go back to your own, non-host, instance, you will still be at your last uncompleted Story Mission if there was a gap in between the story missions you completed with the host. Once you catch up to completed Story Missions, you get a dialog asking if you’d like to ‘fast forward’, skipping missions you’ve already completed in other sessions: So yes, in my opinion, they “fixed” the ineligible mission message from the first Borderlands.

Gears of War 2

Redacted was 8 top paid overall in the US yesterday. Here are my sales figures: In the case of indie titles, Steam provides a viable distribution network favoured by small teams to whom a 30 percent loss is desirable when compared with dealing with a traditional publisher. The Mac App Store version omits SHiFT codes which deliver free goodies and uses Game Centre for matchmaking, which massively limits the pool of players available to shoot bad guys with you.

Borderlands 2 is a game that is about finding better weapons to more effectively deal with your enemies. Much like many games that are built around this same reward based mechanic, Borderlands 2 constantly has you scouring your environment for these new tools of destruction, and they are plenty.

Join the Facebook page now and let your friends know you play on GameRanger, so they can join you as well. October 29, Borderlands is GameRanger’s th game! Press Release Borderlands has just been added to GameRanger. This should solve some of the online co-op problems people have been having with the built-in service.

Plenty more games still to come! September 22, Majesty 2 and Order of War on GameRanger A bunch of new supported games have been added in the last month.

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Okay, fellow gamers, I need some advice! I’ve always been fond of playing games with controllers, as opposed to keyboard and mouse and there’s no way you’re going to convince me otherwise, so leave that out of the equation. I have a pretty decent gaming rig now, although I would be surprised if it can handle maxed graphic-setting without some hiccups.

The , on the other hand, seems to be showing its age a bit these days, and I’m not particularly fond of Xbox Live anymore ever since the new UI update, the things have just been a mess.

Borderlands 2 is one of the hottest games of the year, and given that it’s coming to three separate platforms—potentially even four with the Vita—you’re going to need to make a big decision.

I love this commercial fishing simulator, and not just because it has a fish-gutting minigame Fishing: Barents Sea Maybe it’s because after playing the Sea of Thieves beta I just wanted to spend time on a boat again. Maybe it’s because since Zelda N64 I will play any game that lets you go fishing. Maybe it’s my general curiosity about weird sim games. Or maybe, deep down, I’ve always wanting to play a fish-gutting minigame. Whatever the reason, I’ve spent the morning playing Fishing: Barents Sea , a commercial fishing simulator, and despite plenty of gripes they’ll be listed below I’m sort of in love with it.

I begin my game at the lowest rung of the commercial fishing profession. My boat is small and slow, and can only carry a few long fishing lines longlines, they’re called that I can barely afford to bait with shrimp and crab. Checking the map, I’m shown the most likely areas to catch fish, chug over to them, and drop my buoys and lines in. Then it’s just the small matter of waiting for about twelve or fourteen hours for fish to become hooked, at which point I return to haul them into the boat.

Thing is, there’s not a whole lot to do while waiting.

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