OkCupid calls for Firefox boycott to protest anti-gay marriage CEO Brendan Eich

I’ve been back from my first Philippines trip for almost 3 months now and once again get nowhere on local dating sites, except for a few ” When I look at the profiles of the women that allegedly want to meet me I am absolutely horrified! They are all 30 or 40 something white women that are overweight, tattooed, divorced, single mums or worse. I have had nothing since I got back, after getting plenty of spectacular Filipina flesh and hair while I was there for only 3 weeks. My mind is already made up to return there ASAP and to stay this time. My realistic goal is January. I’m tying up loose ends here, by continuing to sell the stuff in my apartment on craigslist. It’s a slow process but every week I sell something and every little bit helps me get closer to getting the hell out of the vast, fat, frozen, feminist, lonely wasteland called Canada. I’m slowly getting my mind ready to get out of my job and be happy doing it.

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He has a backbone and the testicular fortitude to go for what he thinks is right, rather than being bent over the couch taking it like Clinton did. I don’t like Bush. He’s represented a significant regression in the quest for civil and social rights, and for tolerance and understanding of others.

Apr 04,  · Conservatives launch boycott of Mozilla after gays press CEO to quit Conservative activist Ben Shapiro is leading up an online charge of fellow political compadres to boycott the browser Firefox — an outraged response to the Mozilla chief’s departure from his .

I am now updating again for what feels like the th time. My most recent updates are in BOLD. Swiped left for the hottie by mistake? Go back and fix it! Instead of deleting the app, and starting from scratch. I would like to go on record and let you know that it does NOT bother me that Tinder is charging for premium upgrades. That makes sense, and is totally allowed. Their employees need to eat. I do not care that they are incorporating ads, and took away unlimited likes.

It seemed a bit excessive, so I took to the Twitter. Are you following me on Twitter?

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Speaking to female dating app users teaches you a lot about male dating-app users. The most common theme is that, by and large, men are not particularly good at selling themselves on a dating profile, either on apps or online—which means they never get a chance to impress upon potential dates their sparkling wit and vibrant personality in real-time messages. Put your best foot forward and select a profile picture that is focused, well-lit, not overly doctored, and most importantly, sort of how you look.

A picture of anything or anyone besides you is likely to result in the schwiftiest of left-swipes.

However, last week, the online dating site OkCupid joined those who expressed opposition to Eich’s appointment and called for a boycott of the Firefox browser, created by Mozilla.

Koontz to sign a certification confirming that she was not participating in a boycott of Israel, as the Kansas Law requires. In response to being denied this job due to her political views, Koontz retained the American Civil Liberties Union, which sued the commissioner of education, asking a federal court to enjoin enforcement of the law on the grounds that denying Koontz a job due to her boycotting of Israel violates her First Amendment rights.

The first is the definitive and emphatic nature of the ruling. The court dispensed with an oft-repeated but mythical belief about free speech rights: Very little effort is required to see why such a proposition is wrong: Just imagine a law which provided that only people who believe in liberalism or conservatism will be eligible for unemployment benefits or college loans. This is either viewpoint discrimination against the opinion that Israel mistreats Palestinians or subject matter discrimination on the topic of Israel.

Palestine Legal responded to suppression incidents in and nearly 1, in the last four years. The federal court ruling from yesterday is a ringing endorsement of the vital constitutional principle that people cannot be punished by the U.

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Fabiani, who worked in Bill Clinton ‘s administration, was hired by the hotel chain several days ago as a series of organizations announced plans to withdraw their events from the Beverly Hills Hotel in protest of policies in Brunei. Advertisement House votes Benghazi panel, Democrats consider boycott Reuters May 9, The Republican-run House of Representatives voted along party lines on Thursday to set up a committee to investigate the attacks on U.

Unhappy Democrats were considering boycotting the panel. The House voted to set up a member special investigative committee. Democrats had sought an evenly divided panel, but Republicans prevailed with the argument that they should have a majority on the committee because they were elected to majority status in the House. The city’s resolution, passed in a vote, also calls for Brunei to divest ownership of the iconic property if it does not drop plans for the draconian laws, which include punishment like stoning to death for gay and lesbian relationships

Nov 19,  · key west lgbt center free online dating sites for nerds. solution won t be reached by using the as a scapegoat for a political argument from a handful of groups demanding a boycott of israel.

Sooner or later, you will fall out of love. Whether it’s cheating, together too long, boredom etc.. Nomatter HOW you slice it, it comes up peanuts! Save your money for the next relationship! Don’t listen to the “Relationship Specialists” on CL.. They actually admit they’re divorced, some more than once, cheating or cheated, going after their significant other for child support etc etc This will create lots of angry rebuttals which proves women are after your money..

Popenoe remarked in the Washington Times. You know this is a collegiate study when an examination of a trend that is affecting men is used to fret about the state of women. The study contains several possible explanations for this phenomenon, based on interviews with 60 single men, 25 to 33, who live in four parts of the country. While that level of measurement certainly is not statistically significant enough to reflect any kind of a national trend, responses generally revolved around the possibilities of suffering huge losses if the marriage ends in divorce.

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In fact, Shapiro has called for a boycott of Mozilla’s Firefox browser as a way for conservatives to show their displeasure with the outrageous intolerance demonstrated by gay activistis. Eich made the donation five years ago, but his promotion to CEO brought the issue to the forefront once again. And the ensuing outcry from the gay rights crowd and certain Mozilla employees on social media ultimately pushed him to abandon the leadership post. But now conservatives are striking back. The firing followed a vicious smear campaign against Eich by dating website OKCupid, in which OKCupid blocked Mozilla users from visiting their website.

Shapiro was referencing how OKCupid last week, in attempt to sway public opinion against Mr.

Dating Offers Shop Garden Shop Bookshop Tickets Puzzles Maldives – An online campaign urging tourists to boycott the Maldives received the backing of more than two million people last year. It.

Most if not all Internet dating sites use fraudulent tactics to get your money! Prosecutors at all levels of government need to know this information! Free Membership How many other people have experienced this? This should be the big red warning flag! Right before one of their communicate-for-free weekends comes up, they flood you with match-notices, but after their promotional weekend, the match-notices taper off and even stop.

After you upgrade your membership, if you send communications to anyone that sent you an email while you were a freebie-basic member, you might get one or two simple replies back, but that will be it, and even then the communication stops right there or soon after. There are real members at these places. The chore and the challenge is to determine which is which. Fakes My guess is that most internet dating services pad their real membership roster with made-up memberships. They use some of these fake members as teasers to get people to join.

This is where the fraud is — in contriving memberships to use as lures to get people to pay to join up. To compound the fraud, most places try to trap you into a recurring membership where your credit card is charged once a month, and you may not even realize that until the charges show up. Read the fine print!

OkCupid Blocks Firefox Over Anti-Gay CEO

I recently woke up to an error code A I immediately contacted Tinder customer support via email. The customer representative on the other end was so quick to judge me on breaking the TOS even though I’ve done nothing wrong. There are plenty of stories on the internet where Tinder has banned people for no reason.

Ndigbo cannot afford to boycott the polls – Ikenna Asomba, Journalist/Social Commentator. The forthcoming Presidential Election, is a Quasi Referendum for Ndigbo.

If you’re both a fan of convenient, local, web-enabled sex and Mozilla’s open source browser, your daily routine is about to get interrupted: Firefox users are now greeted by the following protest message when they land on OKCupid. Hello there, Mozilla Firefox user. Pardon this interruption of your OkCupid experience. We would therefore prefer that our users not use Mozilla software to access OkCupid.

Politics is normally not the business of a website, and we all know there’s a lot more wrong with the world than misguided CEOs. So you might wonder why we’re asserting ourselves today. If individuals like Mr. Equality for gay relationships is personally important to many of us here at OkCupid.

Why Evolution Means That Women Need to Boycott Dating Apps

The white, senior citizen males in Nevada aren’t hitching — they’re shooting. And I’ll wager one man just committed the largest one-day white on white crime spree in the US. I’ll even wager that this same white man just murdered more whites in Nevada in one day than blacks killed blacks in Chicago. I may not like when someone burns the flag, but I believe that the flag stands for their right to do so.

As to the kneeling, again, not from a place of anger, I say it’s not appropriate. In my humble opinion.

Boycott Dishonest Businesses. Internet dating sites are just a small example and a tiny speck on the gigantic iceberg of dishonest businesses. Our Demands. This is an article that could be % be taken as an “anti-online dating” post. Hope it’s not though!

Malaysian-Dutch firm appeals Muslims not to boycott 2nd April , 0 comments Dutch Lady Milk Industries placed newspaper advertisements to denounce Fitna and also to appeal to the Muslims not to boycott its products. Malaysia’s religious council and several Muslim groups in the country have called on Muslims to boycott Dutch goods to protest the minute movie by right-wing politician Geert Wilders, saying the film creates unnecessary tensions and misleads viewers to link Islam and violence.

In full-page announcements in major newspapers, as well as on its Web site, Dutch Lady Milk Industries said it wanted to “strongly condemn this expression against Islam” by Wilders. Dutch multinational firm Royal Friesland Foods owns a 50 percent stake in Dutch Lady and the remainder of the dairy produce company is owned by Malaysians.

The second largest shareholder is state investment agency Permodalan Nasional Berhad. The advertisements pointed out that Dutch Lady is 50 percent owned by Malaysians, employs Malaysians and manufactures its dairy products locally. We look forward to your continued support and will always cherish the values that we share,” chairman Kamarul Ariffin Mohamad Yassin said in the advertisement.

The Malaysian supermarket chain Mydin has marked Dutch products with red labels to give customers the option of boycotting them. Mydin buys 60 million ringgit EUR 12 million worth of Dutch goods a year. Dutch Ambassador Lody Embrechts said on Tuesday that the film’s release was regrettable but has called on people to refrain from boycotting Dutch goods and engage in dialogue instead.

Malaysia’s Foreign Ministry has strongly condemned the film as disrespectful and insensitive.

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