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They’re developing standards in areas as diverse as ensuring the safety of electrical equipment used in hazardous locations to cost-savings for interfaces between industrial process control computers and subsystems. Food, pharmaceutical and specialty chemical companies build factories with increasingly sophisticated computer-driven automation. The savings extend beyond the facility’s design, though. By using the batch standard, companies save as much as 10 to 15 percent off the typical cost of meeting Food and Drug Administration criteria for the reliability of automation equipment. ISA has developed standards for the performance requirements of toxic gas detectors, standards to keep electrical equipment from igniting flammable material and standards to ensure safety at nuclear power plants. And some ISA standards can help an entire industry combine cost savings and safety.

Keep Your Hooks Happy with 10 Free Crochet Hook Case Patterns!

Macnab1 Show more https: We present here the amino acid sequences of the hook protein and the three HAPs of Salmonella typhimurium, as deduced from the DNA sequences of their structural genes flgE, flgK, flgL and fliD, respectively. We compared these sequences with each other and with those for the filament protein flagellin and four rod proteins, which have been described previously Joys, ; Homma et al.

Hook protein most strongly resembled the distal rod protein FlgG and the proximal HAP HAPl , which are thought to be attached to the proximal and distal ends of the hook, respectively; the similarities were most pronounced near the N and C termini.

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How to hold a crochet hook while crocheting: Do not hold the hook too tight or too loose…. The main thing is to be relaxed. How to hold the yarn while crocheting: There are many ways to hold yarn while crocheting. This is the way I hold yarn while making the basic knot and it works for me. Google as many ways as you can find and choose the way you think works for you. Hold the open end of your palm in front of you facing you. Place the tail end of the yarn over the palm and wrap that end over ur fore finger.

Then bring the tail end of the yarn over the other three fingers and grip the tail end between your ring finger, little finger and thumb. This is where you get the yarn tension right. What is Yarn Tension? Yarn tension is how tight or how loose you crochet and it differs from person to person. It is better to hold your yarn just right so that all your stitches are even.

Quick Crochet with a Q Hook: 10 Free Patterns

Yarn A hank of wool yarn center is uncoiled into its basic loop. A tie is visible at the left; after untying, the hank may be wound into a ball or balls suitable for crocheting. Crocheting from a normal hank directly is likely to tangle the yarn, producing snarls. Yarn for crochet is usually sold as balls or skeins hanks , although it may also be wound on spools or cones.

Skeins and balls are generally sold with a yarn band, a label that describes the yarn’s weight , length, dye lot, fiber content, washing instructions, suggested needle size, likely gauge, etc.

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Terminology reference with informative pictures with each object. Lifting, hoisting and rigging glossary. Search my website for the correct translation of the technical term you are looking for. You can also go to the labelcloud to find the technical word to translate. More translations relating to lifting, hoisting, rigging will be posted.

Access Platform A limited length platform, located on the idler girder to access to the endtruck wheels only.

The Trucking Terms Your Mom Warned You About. Every industry or occupation seems to have it’s own unique “language.” What I mean is that typically, these words, terms or phrases have a specific meaning to the folks that work in that industry.

Trucking is no different. Carrier An individual, partnership, or corporation engaged in the business of transporting goods or persons; a trucking company. Class A Refers to type of CDL permitted the licensed driver to operate a combination vehicle tractor trailer with a gross weight of 26, or more pounds.

Common Carrier Freight transportation company which serves the general public. May be a regular or irregular route. Dedicated Run This refers to a driver pulling freight for one specific shipper week after week, with same pick up and drop off points.

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A beginner’s guide to crocheting with pictures and videos. Learn how to make a slip knot, hold a crochet hook, and make a chain. This guide teaches the four basic crochet stitches: single crochet, half double crochet, double crochet, and treble crochet.

Quick Crochet with a Q Hook: Tamara Kelly 16 Comments Crochet hooks range from the tiny little steel hooks used with thread, all the way up to the monster Z hook — a whopping 35mm hook only available by special order from custom hook makers. The Q hook is 15mm sometimes 16mm around, and is a great size for those who have trouble holding onto smaller hooks.

They also make nice thick fabric at super speed. This cowl works up in an evening using Super Bulky yarn and is super easy to make — great for beginners! Granny Shrug , by Thornberry: Make it in any size, from child to adult — just keep adding rows until the hexagons are the size you need. And how great would it be to make a blanket in a day!

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In order to ensure correct finished measurements, accurate stitch and row gauges must be achieved. Cast on at least 20 stitches, using the yarn and needles specified in the instructions. Work pattern for 3″. Bind off all stitches.

The publishers, fiber, needle and hook manufacturers, and yarn members of the Craft Yarn Council have worked together to set up a series of guidelines and symbols to bring uniformity to yarn, needle and hook labeling, and to patterns, whether they appear in books, magazines, leaflets or on yarn labels.

Make a Crochet Slip Knot Lesson 4 A crochet slip knot is important to master because it is the first step taken when beginning any crocheted piece. When you decide to crochet a simple dishcloth or an elaborate gown, a slip knot will be your starting point. There are several variations a crocheter can use when making a slip knot, and in this lesson I am going to demonstrate three commonly used techniques because everyone’s style is different. Located below are the right and left hand video tutorials.

If you prefer written instructions – they are located at the bottom of this page. Crochet Video Tutorial Left Hand: Start your slip knot by pulling 6 to 8 inches of yarn from the skein ball of yarn. The working end of yarn comes from the skein, and the tail end of yarn is the yarn being used or worked. The names used for these techniques are names that I have made up for teaching purposes and not considered to be a part of crochet terminology.

The Pretzel Technique I call this the pretzel technique because you shape the yarn into a pretzel before making your crochet slip knot. Take the tail end of yarn and loop it over the working end of yarn.

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By Lucy In this article I will give you a simple guide to crochet abbreviations including a great crochet terms chart. I strongly feel that reading a crochet pattern and transforming it into a beautiful or practical piece of art is a lot like reading music and using it to produce a song on an instrument. When you learn to play the piano you are first sat down at the keys.

Feb 28,  · Message board abbreviations.. Hook me up, Im a rook! If this is your first visit, be sure to check out the FAQ by clicking the link above. You may have to register before you can post: click the register link above to proceed. To start viewing messages, select the forum that you want to visit from the selection below.

And once I decided to dedicate a post to it, I thought I should really play around with the layout a bit. Two hours later and you would never know that I actually have a million and one more important things to be getting on with. But avoiding confusion IS important as well. And crochet is mired in confusion! We have metric, US and UK hook sizes.

What about the other languages?? But that will have to wait for another day I use US Crochet Terminology in all my patterns as it just makes more sense to me.

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